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Ashley Rivera
600 SW Kenyon St • Seattle, WA98106
Email.• 201-777-7777
Professional Profile
Highly motivated, versatile, and resourceful professional with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and currently in a Master’s program specializing in Marriage & Family Counseling. Over five years’ experience with children ages 2-6 in a disciplined, learning atmosphere combined with performing human resource duties, training, and counseling for teachers, co-workers and parents. Strong support experience in an office atmosphere with expertise in research and writing. Eager to excel, learn quickly, personable, and appreciated among peers.
Expertise Includes:
• Highly effective writing skills
• Strong research and reporting abilities
• Experienced in budgeting, financial planning, fundraising, and donation solicitation
• Naturally intuitive to children’s needs with strong insight to unspoken needs
• Strengths in listening, evaluation and counseling
• Effective database management and marketing
• Development of programs/projects with effective implementation
• Strong presentation skills, both written and verbal
• Proven negotiation abilities
• Proficient in assuring compliance with city, county, state and federal governing agencies
• Able to accept responsibility and delegate where needed
• Well-developed organizational skills
• Personable and work well with all types of personalities
• Loyal, driven, honest, and committed to a job well done
Professional Experience
Associate Director • Educational Services • Seattle, Washington • 2005-2011
Head Preschool Teacher (promoted)
Head Jr. Preschool Teacher (promoted)
Assistant Jr. Preschool Teacher (promoted)
Rapid upward progression in job responsibility from initial assistant, performing work as needed, to assuming Associate Director Responsibilities involving the entire school, i.e., curriculum, teaching, training, counseling, supervising, providing assessments, budget planning, negotiations, parent involvement, marketing and fundraising.
Receptionist/Office Assistant• Business Service Center of Seattle, Seattle, Washington • 2000-2005
Receptionist for 10 companies along with answering multi-phone lines. Data entry, including invoicing, posting payables and receivables, and verification of statements. Variety of office duties.
Marketing Coordinator • Reynolds Grey Machining & Services, Inc., Seattle, Washington • 2003-2004
Telemarketing for strong sales leads. Relief receptionist. Maintained database, literature files and price books letter composition.
Certified • Parenting Classes through the philosophies of Jane Nelsen, Ed. D. M.F.C.C.
On-going studies to qualify for Doctorate Degree in Child Psychology – emphasis in Play Therapy Master’s Degree – Marriage & Family Counseling • Seattle Pacific University • Seattle • Degree, expected 2012
Bachelor of Science • Psychology • Seattle University, Seattle, Washington • 2009

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