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Resume Builder Review – Resume Companion – the Worlds #1 Free Online Resume Builder

We found the Resume Companion simply one of the best web based Free Online Resume Builder systems on the market. It automates the production of a professional high quality resume. It has a lot of features and benefits that are very useful, including:

  • Generates resumes in multiple formats including MS Word, PDF, ASCII Text and HTML.
  • Professional specific resume templates from students to experienced professionals.
  • Helps you to select the best format including reverse chronological, functional or hybrids.
  • Easy to use step by step process.
  • Preview button so you can check the layout and format during production.
  • Ability to go back to edit the resume at anytime.
  • Explanations for each section of the resume and also a section that provides tips.
  • Save multiple versions of the resume (target sales, target marketing, etc.).
  • Comes with a built in spell checker to help you avoid mistakes and errors.
  • Stores your resumes on a secured private server that you can access from any computer 24/7.
  • Option to turn your resume into a web page with unique URL address for people to view your resume.
  • From within the system you can print, email, fax or the resume.
  • Includes a tracking system so you can manage distribution.
  • Also tracks which version of version of resume you sent out.
  • Tracking system allows you to make notes if you chose to send the resume manually.
  • It even has a cover letter builder that provides step by step production of a cover letter or follow up letter.
  • Overall, this is a system that really does a lot to help you build your resume using high quality professional resume templates. You can still use the resume samples and resume examples on this site to generate ideas for building summaries or phrasing statements throughout the resume.

    Incorporate this site along with the features of this package and you can fairly quickly develop a number of unique and targeted resumes, and use the system to manage distribution.

    The fee for this service is a very affordable. When you consider the average professional is using the resume to find a job in the $50k a year range, spending a small percentage of your potential salary shouldn’t be stretching the budget. Some professional resume services charge the same amount just to store a resume on their hard drive in case you loose it, so when you consider you can store multiple versions or your resume and track distribution, it’s still a great value.

    You can even try it out for free!

    Free Online Resume Builder – Use our examples to create your new resume in minutes!
    Over 50,000 unique professionally written resume phrases with resume templates / examples from over 1,100 occupations.