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15Main Road• Lebanon, NH 03602 • (901) 777-7777 •

Career Profile
• 15 years background in casualty insurance
• Key player in the building of one of the nation’s top 20 insurers
• Senior Vice President and Core Management Team member of Casualty Insurance Recognized as an astute visionary, delivering fresh perspectives and keen assessments using intellect, judgment, and character. Known for making and upholding tough decisions

Areas of Expertise
Management Skills and Insurance Experience:

• program creation/strategic planning
• resource development
• multimillion-dollar budget creation
• budget management/cost controls
• corporate restructuring
• relationship and team building
• boardroom-level presentations

• loss development and analysis
• high-level claims analysis and resolution
• high exposure claims
• severe injury and multiple policy management
• complex litigation management
• medical profession liability policies
• reserving and settlement authority

Executive Highlights
Accelerated Growth
• During senior management tenure, helped to grow company from 4,000 to 8,500 policyholders, adding a wide range of clients. Growth-exploded business and caused expansion of department from 15 to 60 employees
Financial Analysis and Cost Improvement
• Handled complex financial analysis and legal cost containment. Reduced litigation costs by 10% to 20%. Streamlined claims-handling process by enabling claims examiners to handle larger caseloads through realignment of custodial tasks to clerical staff. Collaborated with company actuaries to interpret and act upon loss trends and developments
Profit and Loss
• Developed highly accurate, multimillion dollar budgets. In addition, effective personal handling of reserving and settlement authority, legal cost containment, favorable trial results, and efficiency measures directly affected corporate bottom line
New Systems and Technology
• Significantly reduced legal costs through research, development, and implementation of innovative automated legal processing and auditing program.
Business Reorganization
• Following CI’s recent acquisition, collaborated as key member of transition team to develop and implement efficient reorganization plan to achieve efficiency gains
Career Advancement
• Fast-tracked from claims representative to vice president in four years. Was handpicked, recruited, and mentored by CEO during CI’s initial period of accelerated growth

Ralph Cooper (901)777-7777
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White Mountains Insurance Group (WMIG), Hanover, NH
• Senior Vice President 2005 to present
• Vice President 2002 to 2004
• Claims Manager 1998 to 1999
• Claims Supervisor 1997 to 1998
• Claims Representative 1996 to 1997

Management Summary
• Report directly to the CEO and Board of Directors. Oversee two direct reports administering activities in 70 headquarters and branch staff members. Direct and manage claims reserved in excess of $900 million, handling reserving and settlement of individual claims of up to $1 million
• Daily functions include $5 million budget development and management, staffing, cost control, appointment of legal counsel, policy creation,” determination of complex coverage issues, high-exposure claims monitoring, and interface with re-insurers/excess insurers

Significant Achievements
• Track record of wide-ranging contributions in systems development, cost containment, and claims management. Maintained severity at flat levels for the past five years, reduced litigation costs, and improved beneficial trial results. Fast-tracked from claims representative to VP in four years

Professional Development
• American Management Association continuing professional development courses include annual seminars on insurance issues, Accounting for Non-Financial Executives, Managing Conflict, Interpersonal Skills, Management of Reciprocals and Mutuals

Bachelor of Science in Biology, The Rockefeller University, Pre-Med Program

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