Network Administrator / Programmer Resume

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107 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
(201) 777-7777 Home • (201) 7777777 Mobile •

Networks / Systems
Hardware Configuration: Windows, UNIX, Cisco
Software Configuration
Systems Integration
Systems Configuration
Router Configuration
Intrusion Detection Systems
Frame Relay Networking
Network Planning
Network Firewalls
Peer-to-peer Networks
Ethernet Networks
Telephony & Fiber Optics
Internet Information Server
Switches & Hubs
ISDN/T1 Lines
Media & Peripherals
Voice & Data
Project Management’
Technology Consulting Technology Management Networking Infrastructures Systems Implementation Virtual Team Leadership Relationship Management Advanced Communications Telecommunications
Security Analysis
Security Development Applications Development Evaluation & Testing Troubleshooting
Resource Utilization
Inventory Management Technology Training
End-User Training
Knowledge Transfer
Executive Presentations Strategic Planning
Project Team Development Team Building
Client Relations
Quality Assurance
Problem Solving

Network Administration • Systems Security Technology
 Microsoft Certified Professional. A+ Certification
Accomplished technology consults ant and project manager adept in desktop and network security systems architecture planning, design, installation, configuration, maintenance and smooth project delivery
 Accustomed to supporting multi-user networks, as well as leading high-performance technology and telecommunications solutions. Successfully employ technology to improve operations efficiency, reduce costs, and meet reliability and security goals and deadlines
 Proven track record in team leader ship and training, supplying a balanced mix of analytical, management, coaching and technical skills
Senior Computer Scientist 2006 – present
Army Technology, San Francisco, CA
Technical Lead – Army Computer Systems Office (2007 – present)
Focus: Rollout of Army Partnership Tool Suite (APIS) system, implementing new functionality into live networks and systems.
• Lead Consultant and liaison (chosen by government project manager) in 7-member cross-functional team deploying integrated networks, systems, and technologies. Introduced real-time, peer-to-peer collaboration via new application, bringing far-flung team together and eliminating disconnects
• Key player in development, testing, and implementation process, including custom tool suite development, to fit client needs. Integrate configuration, and supply installation support for pioneering technology collaboration
Lead Network Engineer
Information Systems Engineering Office (2006 – 2007)
Focus:$26 million Communications Update & Planning System (CUPS).
Evaluated, selected, and integrated advanced communications and networking products for the Communications Collaboration Team.
• Key role (network engineer / administrator / technician) leading 7-member team. Honed end-to-end project management and presentation skills
• Pioneered first-ever use of security hardware/software, including intrusion detection systems (IDS), Cisco routers, and network management apps
• Designed robust, mobile communications (and upgrades) to facilitate efficient network convergence and bandwidth utilization. Developed network management tools for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting
• Field-tested flying local area network (FLAN), utilizing wireless Ethernet technology, which interconnected enroute aircraft to ground-based units
• Proposed equipment purchasing savings of $3.5 – $6 million through services analysis, reducing duplication of physical space and equipment
• Introduced new traffic routing method (tech) utilizing a defense satellite channel for communications, enabling netmetting in worldwide locations

(201) 777-7777 Home •

Sun Microsystems
IBM PCs & compatibles
SCSI & IDE Hard Drives
Cisco Routers & Switches
3COM Switches & Hubs
Ascend Pipeline Series
Netgear Hubs
RAID Arrays (Sun)
Ethernet NICs
Printers, Scanners
CD-ROMs, Modems
CD-R & CD-RW Drives
Sound Cards, TV Cards
Tape Drives
Software (UNIX):
Solaris, Linux
Cisco Works Essentials
X-Windows, Open Windows SSH, Lynx, Pine, ELM
sh, csh, bash
ftp servers & clients
Eagle Raptor Firewall
Apache, Sendmail, IRC
Software (PC):
Windows, DOS
Novell Netware
MS Office, MS Outlook WordPerfect, FrontPage
IRC, IE, Netscape
FTP Servers & Clients
Norton, Cisco
HyperTerminal, Kermit
HP Openview
Cisco Works Essentials
Carbon Copy
Seagate Backup Exec.
SCO Xvision
Software (Cisco IOS):
Internetworking OS
Network Address Trans.
Access Lists
Context Based Access
Intrusion Detection
Remote Syslog Logging
Routing Protocols

Signal Officer 1997 -present
111th Signal Battalion, CA Army NG, Sacramento, CA
• Platoon Leader – Mobile Subscriber Equipment Company. Lead,
develop and motivate 40 soldiers. Oversee inventory management of $5.2 million in vehicles, weaponry, security, and communications equipment
• Mission – establish mobile subscriber equipment network (mobile phone network for combat soldiers in the field)
Computer Scientist 2004 – 2006
Computer Software Development,Sacramento,CA
• Lead technical consultant – Computer Services Security Branch (US Army) for setup, testing, and evaluation of networks/systems security technologies. Established configuration, installation procedures, and network topologies for all support tasks. Tech reports used as management measurement tool
• Designed secure test bed network/domain on UNIX, Windows, andCisco IOS providing e-mail, DNS, firewalls, routing, file serving, and accounting
• Selected to serve as test bed manager for dry run and official testing, personally resolving testing challenges and intrusion issues
System Administrator 2003 – 2004
IBM, Sacramento, CA
• Installation, configuration, and troubleshooting software (UNIX, Linux, Windows, Solaris) on HP workstations, Toshiba laptops, and servers (Compaq, Diversified, HP, Sun). Prepared backups on multiple platforms and provided 24/7 technical support to data warehousing center
• Oversaw corporate telecomm system, LAN physical extension, and technical purchasing (POs, quoting, authorizations, and receiving)
Technology Consultant 2002 -2003
Griffin & Cohen (legal firm), Sacramento, CA
• Systems and network troubleshooting (Windows & Novell Netware) at multiple locations. Peer- to-peer training. Proposed LAN and equipment recommendations to stay ahead of the curve, which were implemented?
Systems Instructor/Client Support 2001 – 2002 Healthcare Information Group, Roseville, CA
MS, Telecommunications Management, Syracuse University -in progress BS, Accounting, Heald College, Roseville, CA -2001
Microsoft Certified Professional – Windows NT, Network Essentials
A+ Certification – Computer and Network Repair
Cisco Switching & Routing -towards CCNP in progress
Building Scalable Cisco Networks (BSCN) course-in-house training
Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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