If you have the experience but not the degree, then leave out the whole education section out of the resume.

Chances are it will not be “seen” in the resume sorting process

A resume is usually skimmed, not read, because they go through very quickly to gain a short list pile

Treat education as a potential positive or negative qualification in your resume

  • Education is an indicator of skills, accomplishments and personal qualities
  • The way employers view and accept level of education depends on the job
  • With some jobs it is acceptable to show a high school finish in your resume with additional training leading to a recognized certificate.
  • Failing to complete a degree will be negative – says you are not bright, lack of persistence, and follow-through, and you are not part of an accomplished group
  • If you seek a job that requires a bachelor’s degree and you high light your Ph.D. it will most likely be a negative
  • If you are currently working on a degree, acquiring an education and training then include it in your resume – you are in a learning mode – One of the most important requirements in today’s workplace
  • If your education and training is not related to your job application, de-emphasize it in your resume since it may raise some questions about your suitability
  • In the field of education –you are primarily hired based on your educational achievements. Usually this means your knowledge, skills, persistence, connections and certification
  • Once you have some work experience your focus should shift to what you can do, not how well qualified you are
  • If you have been successful in your career, don’t worry about not having a degree or diplomas. Employers prefer experience unless you are in a profession where formal qualifications are a prerequisite for a job
  • In today’s world of rapid change most science degrees are obsolete in term of usable knowledge after a decade.
  • Sometimes, it takes a good brain to resist an education
  • Do not bore the reader by listing every qualification you have obtained – keep it to the relevant and impressive stuff in your resume.

    With all qualifications make sure the reader knows what they are, don’t assume

    When applying for a job in another state or country, don’t assume employers will understand what your qualifications mean. Explain your grades in the employer’s local system

    Follow the principal of “reverse chronology” when listing any dated items.

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