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HOME PHONE: 505-777-7777
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IS professional recognized for broad-based skills encompassing Web, hardware and software solutions. Move effortlessly through and adapt readily to ever-changing technologies. Areas of expertise encompass: project management, team leadership, staff supervision, coding, design, testing, user training/support, troubleshooting, and customer relations.

Technical Skills
Software: MS Office Suite, Quattro Pro, DacEasy, Act!, Premier, Avid Cinema, Authorware, Director, PhotoShop, CorelDraw, VoicePad, Naturally Speaking, Impromptu, PowerPlay, Visio
Hardware: SCSI, RAID Systems, IDE, NICs, video/audio network hubs, switches, and routers
Web/Internet: Netscape Commerce Server, MS IIS, HTML, CGI, ISAPI
Databases & Technologies: dBase, Paradox, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Progress, DDE, OLE, OLE2, ActiveX, Automations Servers (in and out of process), Active Forms, DCOM, Memory Mapped Files, Compound Files, MS Transaction Server, NT Services, Named Pipes, Thunking, Multithreaded applications and libraries (Win32), WinSock, mail services, HTTP, FTP, NNTP, TCP, UDP,SMTP,POP3
Operating Systems/Services: MS DOS, MS Windows, NT Server/Workstation, UNIX, MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, WINS, RAS, DHCP, IIS
Programming Languages: Delphi, Pascal, Progress, C/C++, VB, Fortran, PowerBuilder, Perl, Assembly

Career Highlights
• Recruited to manage several major projects at Technical Services (TS)
• Reconfigured entire IS department.Developed specifications for new servers for file sharing, Web, and database. Redesigned network 100 Base T; installed T1; and enabled WINS, DHCP, Exchange Server, MS SQL Server and IIS
• Revamped networks, servers, and Internet connections to resolve the weekly, sometimes daily, crashing of network
• Project manager for medical/Internet project that was designed to provide continuing education courses online
• Supervised two professionals in IS and Web development
• Wrote several interfaces for authorware, I.E. 4 0 and Exchange, and created intranet as dynamic pages from MSQL database
• Founded Black Mountain, with sole responsibility for account development, project planning, staffing, and customer relations. Developed software solutions for several public agencies and private firms
• Created an employee scheduling software, Indiana married filing status software with yearly upgrades and conversion program
• Developed a criminal history database, investigation and complaint software packages for City of Missoula, Montana Police Department
• Developed a UCR (uniform criminal reporting) software package for state of Oregon Program enables small cities, villages, and townships to participate in computerized national UCR
• Created software to accommodate membership database, account histories, invoices, membership functions, bank deposits, reports, and rosters for the Joilet Brokers Association

Phillip Morris (505) 777-7777
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Career Highlights(continued)

• Designed Vesex Computer Systems Web site, applying knowledge of HTML/CGI, security, and interactive pages, among other functions
• Developed user-defined help feature for online help
• Provided HTML/CGI and Winhelp training
• Created interfaces to third-party products
• Gained extensive expertise with large relational databases

Professional Experience

Black Mountain 2003 – Present
Software Developer/Proprietor

Cedar Mountain Software 2000 – 2002
Director of IS, Programming and Web Development

AMC 1998 – 1999
Software developer

BitmixSoft 1996 – 1997
Interface Developer/Web Programmer/Webmaster; Online Help Programmer

Tech Service 1991 – 1996
Regional Computer Coordinator

Information Technology Core 1990 – 1991
Customer Service Representative

Professional Development
Coursework in Advanced Programming, Pascal, and Fortran

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