Substance Abuse Counselor Resume

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3308 Eddy Street, Amarillo, TX79109
(201) 777-7777

To acquire field experience necessary to become an alcohol arid drug rehabilitation counselor.


 Former alcohol and drug abuser now in recovery, having completed a rigorous rehabilitationprogram without any recidivism for over 4 years
 Avid supporter of others experiencing the nightmare of addiction; keenly sensitive to theirfeelings and needs to enable Joining with clients in early stages of interaction
 Confident facilitator; relate comfortably with diverse cultural and socio-economic populationsin didactic sessions with groups of from 15 to over 40
 Observant of clients’ behaviors, with documentation of improvements or lack thereof, to assistauthorities in planning appropriate actions upon their release from the 28-day program


Amarillo College, Amarillo, TX

 Graduate of the Recovery Assistance Program Training (RAPT), 2008
 Completed 270 educational hours toward CADC certification. Curriculum included: Addictionand Its Effects; The Recovery Process; Family Counseling; Individual Counseling; and GroupCounseling
 Passed written exam given by the International Certification Reciprocating Consortium (ICRC),2008

Counselor-in-Training at AmarilloCounselinga psycho-social 12-step rehabilitative agencyin Amarillo’sCity, TX (2008 to present)
 Conduct 1 1/2 hour didactic sessions to groups which include mentally ill chemical abusers(MICA), focusing on their recovery
 Assist with the new client intake process, assessing and prioritizing service requirements
 Orient prospective clients to the rehabilitative setting and the programs available to them
 Facilitate the adjustment of introductory groups on a daily basis, providing them with support and encouragement to stay with the program
 Schedule clients for art therapy and daily recreation, and coordinate their other activities
 Ease clients’ transition into didactic sessions by introducing deep breathing and relaxation techniques as a part of daily meditation preliminaries


Bartender, Happy Lounge, Austin, TX (1997-2007)
Server, Carmelo’s Restaurant, Austin, TX (1995-1997)


 Initiated support group in Amarillo’s City for parents of drug addicted/alcohol dependent children and adolescents, working closely with the police department and D A.R E. program

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